Sam Adams New Albion Ale

ABV: 6

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Samuel Adams is brewing the original recipe for Jack McAuliffe's flagship beer, New Albion Ale. McAuliffe traveled to Boston in early July to join Jim Koch and the Samuel Adams brewers as they brewed the first batch. New Albion Ale is a deep, golden beer brewed with American Cascade hops and a 2-row malt blend. The Cascade hops, sourced from the Pacific Northwest, create a moderate hop bitterness and lingering notes of citrus and floral, balanced by the upfront cereal character and sweet finish from the malt.

"Jim and I share a common passion for craft brewing, so I was honored when he approached me about bringing the New Albion original recipe back to life," says Jack McAuliffe brewer and founder of the original New Albion Brewing Company. "I can't believe I'm brewing New Albion for a new generation of craft beer drinkers - a group that has more great beer choices than I ever had! New Albion will have a place in the growing and diverse craft beer landscape thanks to a fellow craft brewer."

When McAuliffe decided to turn his passion for homebrewing into a microbrewery, it was one of the first of its kind. At its height, New Albion Brewing Company brewed about 450 barrels annually. Microbreweries struggled under a market dominated by mass domestic beer but paved the way for growth in the 1990s. The number of craft breweries has gone from 8 in 1980, to 537 in 1994, to close to 2000 in 2012.